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Now writing a poem (hopefully, mostly haiku) for each day in February 2022.
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Tomorrow is 1 November 2021, and the poetry-writing email group has once again checked in to write a poem a day during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Earlier in the week, I received by the U.S. Mail Naomi Beth Wakan’s latest book: Write Away. I had decided to devote this poem-writing month to the 10 Japanese Poetic Forms, but I am now leaning toward prompts in Wakan’s book. I am feeling in need of some personal downtime, and the focus of the book seems suited to a bit of self-pampering and introspection.

we can’t be defined
from the outside in
a borrowed mirror

Liz Bennefeld, 2021-10-31

I very much enjoyed writing a poem a day (or more) during February (NaHaiWriMo) and April (NaPoWriMo) 2021, even though not all of the usual email group was able to take part across the entire events.

The first poem, here, was a response to a photograph of two young mule deer playing/mock fighting, and the second, a response to a prompt to express a range of emotions.

this endless moment
together till time’s end
death and then rebirth

© Liz Bennefeld, 2021-05-26


always caring
I watch you being who you are
even if you die
and I must walk alone

I would not leave you
with an empty home

© Liz Bennefeld, 2021-05-26

I also had opportunity to read my poem “Crying Children”, which was published in 1980 in a periodic publication (Ours), which has since changed identity, but was then affiliated with International Mission of Hope.

Currently, I am fooling around with another WordPress (.com) page, Quietude & Tea. Thinking about dropping some (many) of my blogs and incorporating a lot of the current material throughout. I am not an organized person, and I have trouble finding things. We’ll see how that works out.

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