November 2 2021 – Poem a Day

the (r)age of fire
lightning torches thirsty trees
nowhere left to hide

[senryu.] Copyright © 2021.11.01 by Liz Bennefeld.

autumn’s reds and golds
dry leaves crumble underfoot
evening fades to night

[haiku.] Copyright © 2021.11.01 by Liz Bennefeld.

As I understand it, unlike haiku, senryu don’t have a cutting or seasonal word. The structure of senryu is usually three lines with 17 or fewer syllables (e.g. 5-7-5), like haiku. It addresses human issues/affairs rather than nature. (Emotions rather than the senses, maybe?) Also, a haiku length that is coming more into use is ~11 syllables (3-5-3), putting them more in sync with the content volume of a haiku written in Japanese.