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Balancing Thoughts and Actions
Inward and Outward Vision
The Past, Right Now, and Forever

Since the deaths of my parents and the changes in my health, I have different feelings about what I want to be doing; I have been examining my goals, and finding that I am quite undecided. As of the end of 2018, I am once again repurposing this domain. Both of the domains that were hosted on WordPress are going away. If I understand support personnel correctly, the blogs will revert to and

At this writing, gardening, flower art, photography and general nattering have been ending up on my WordPress blog The Moments Between (which I have erased and started over numerous times).

QuiltedPoetry, currently housed at WordPress, holds most of my poetry rough drafts, challenge responses to Poetry-101-Rehab, Ronovan Writes Haiku, and various other interactive posts.

WP challenges (weekly photography challenge and daily writing prompts) were landing at The Art of Disorder; what happens there? I do not know. The WP challenges have ended and are sorely missed. Most of the posts on that blog have either been set to private or deleted.

The Written Word at Quiet Spaces Journal is the blog where I have been writing and posting various class exercises and poem-a-day activities. A lot of that will be moving to this blog.

While I have fallen sadly behind on my coffee breaks, I do intend to pick up, once again, my postings on Stray Coffee Breaks. While the original Weekend Coffee Share activity discontinued, due, I expect, to changes in personal priorities of the various hosts over time, but Allison (EclecticAli at WP) has stepped up to serve as host. Look for the #WeekendCoffeeShare hashtag on the WordPress blog search.