Friday Night/Saturday Morning

Sadder than Water arrived by USPS on Thursday morning, and I started in a new spot: the title poem. It expresses familiar feelings, but with an uncomfortable finality, in that it feels like the writer does not really expect a reunion with the creator upon the end of Time. That is sad in itself. As though one can become so beaten down by time, sheer living above and beyond “content”, that the thought of the ‘next life’ becomes threat instead of promise. This is sad.

I have, yes, once more begun to read The Goblin Emperor, and it still is quite satisfying. However, tonight I rewatched Bottle Shock, a movie staring Alan Rickman, about The Judgement of Paris in 1976. Mention was made of a book published in 2005 by George Taber, which I have bought in Nook format.  I now am on page 42 of 381. It’s quite lovely, so far, giving background on Steven Spurrier, the history of wine making in western Europe, and mention of the competition itself.

I also have The Barchester Chronicles DVDs, thanks to my mother, who thought I might like them. As with Bottle Shock, Alan Rickman has a lead in this series.  I was not impressed by the book by Trollope that I read. Although I thought Jo Walton’s Tooth and Claw, was marvelous! I should put that book on my re-read list.