Sickbed, reading

I was fortunate to find the third book in a series (Elemental Blessings) by Sharon Shinn, Jeweled Fire. I love her world building. The first two books, which I also read, are Troubled Waters and Royal Airs. I have read all of her longer works, as far as I know, and also a book of four stories from four of the worlds in which she’s written.

I’ve also pulled out some old favorites to reread: The Complete Arrows Trilogy and The Last Herald Mage Trilogy (Mercedes Lackey), The Goblin Emperor (Sarah Monette, publishing as Katherine Addison) and The Peshawar Lancers (S. M. Stirling) all stand out.

Today I have spent more time sleeping than reading, and I still am not up to writing much, but I am feeling much better than I have in a month or more.