It has been a while. Things got sidetracked a week after my previous post, when my father died unexpectedly in his sleep. A little more than ten weeks after my mother had done likewise.

My most recent reading is from the latest edition of my favorite Stress Management authors and rereading of favorite romance and science fiction authors, along with Sadder than Water. I did get my former business website domains up and running. is the primary, and is parked there, so either one works. On the WordPress,, I am doing NaPoWriMo stuff.

Since my second visit with the grief counselor, I am not pressing myself to complete any writing on time, and for some days, I have posted previous poems rather than write new ones.

My husband is enjoying the early spring weather, getting into some carpentry stuff, now. I have ordered wildflower seeds to plant in the new garden spot; they arrived with this week’s mail delivery. I hope to get the seeds sown early in the evening, and then water them before we lose the light. I am behind on washing dishes, and I still have to take a shower and brush my teeth.

Chives have come up along the side of the house, after we’d figured that the yard work two years ago had done for them. Also, both irises and tulips seem to be coming out.

I am hopeful.


Current reading

I’ve been on a re-reading binge. I’ve read The Last Herald Mage and Arrows of the Queen trilogies, the Collegium series (Lackey), and (again) The Goblin Emperor (K. Addison). Right now I am into my favorite series by Wen Spenser: the four Ukiah Oregon books.

Finally turned up my original copy of Sadder than Water (with the bookmarks, &c.) during a spate of puppy-proofing my bed sitting room. At least I could replace the poetry book. I really need new copies of Anne Lesley Groell’s Cloak & Dagger books. Think I’ll check Barnes and Noble’s site, again.


How does one know?

I “misplaced” a stack of poetry books in the process of sorting through and straightening out some others, yesterday or the day before. This does happen periodically.

This time, among the poetry books that went walkies was Sadder than Water: New and Selected Poems, by Samīḥ Qāsim. When I did not find it within the first five minutes, I logged onto B&N and ordered a replacement copy.

When I find the first copy, I think I’ll take it to the bank and add it to the safe deposit box. I would not ever want to be without a copy.

I think this means that I like his poetry. A lot.

This also remind me that I must at some point, again, make a book of my poetry, so that not all of it disappears forever, totally, at my death.