Beginning Anew

Once again, I have started over with this domain. The first version appeared in the mid-1990s, when it ran on an Apache server on my own Linux box. I hand-coded my web pages and blogged daily by editing the blog web pages. What fun!

Most recently (until December 2015), I was using this site to store previously unpublished and published short stories and and articles. I also commented on books that I was reading and the authors who wrote them.  I am doing a lot of rereading, these days, buying electronic editions as I go. I have had some problems with my vision since my bout with low blood oxygen, four years ago, and reading on the computer is more comfortable than physical book pages. I have been actively blogging on several personal WordPress sites, but I persist with this hosting company because I want to maintain a separate presence, they provide good service, there are reasonable expansion options, and (oddly) because I expect to enjoy less traffic here.