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Notes on reading


I discovered that when I pre-order a book at B&N when it is first available for pre-order, I am charged the cover price, even though there is a substantial discount online as the publication date nears. Therefore, I have canceled my pre-orders, there, and am not putting in the order until the price reduction is posted. And so Anne Bishop’s Wild Country is arriving this coming week with a 30% markdown. I should start making a list of release dates for the authors whose books I also order in Hardcover (in addition to the ebook edition from ebooks dot com).

Also, Sharon Shinn, whose books I try to buy in hardcover, is publishing a new series first through Audible. Since I prefer silence and often tune out the sound of people talking, I must wait too many months to get the ebooks.

I have gotten Jude Deveraux’s new book, A Justified Murder, ebook edition, which I will be reading this weekend. I liked the first book in the series. As soon as I finish rereading Sheila’s Connolly’s Relatively Dead mysteries—my favorites among her books. The series has six books to it, now.

My next reread is Travels with Charley, by Steinbeck, which Dad and I read when it first came out. Big selling point was he and his poodle having stopped along his way in Fargo, North Dakota, in which town Dad was born many decades previously.

In other excitement, the bottom heating element in the kitchen oven developed a hot spot and broke, and so my husband is out searching for (a) a replacement part at a reasonable price or (b) a replacement kitchen range for not too much over the price of the expensive replacement part.

And…Friday is another Snow Day.

fresh snow on the shrubs

Snow on a Twig

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