Balancing Thoughts and Actions
Inward and Outward Vision
The Past, Right Now, and Forever

Upon the deaths of my parents and the changes in my health, I have been feeling different about what I want to be doing, examining goals, and finding that I am quite undecided. As of the end of 2017, I have once again re-purposed this domain. For the time being, I am getting back into the daily routines and weekly exercises of The Artist’s Way and follow-up books by Julia Cameron. Self-nurturing. Resettling priorities, perspectives, and purpose.

At this writing, gardening, flower art, photography and general nattering have been ending up on my WordPress blog The Moments Between (which I have erased and started over numerous times).

QuiltedPoetry.net, currently housed at WordPress, holds most of my poetry rough drafts, challenge responses to Poetry-101-Rehab, Ronovan Writes Haiku, and various other interactive posts. Current WP challenges (weekly photography challenge and daily writing prompts) are currently landing at The Art of Disorder (.net); also, health and organizational concerns have landed back there, but I’ve set the majority of previous posts to Private. The Written Word at Quiet Spaces Journal is the blog where I have been writing and posting various class exercises and poem-a-day activities.

While I have fallen sadly behind on my coffee breaks, I do intend to pick up, once again, my postings on Stray Coffee Breaks. While the original Weekend Coffee Share activity discontinued, due, I expect, to changes in personal priorities of the various hosts over time, I have found two clusters of posters filling that social niche. Look for the #WeekendCoffeeShare hashtag on the WordPress blog search. I will try to remember to get back here in a reasonable amount of time to add URLs for them.