My given name is Elizabeth, but please call me Lizl. My husband and I live in eastern North Dakota, USA. We have retired, now, but we have worked with computers throughout our careers, and that remains a hobby for both of us. We’ve enjoyed putting together our own computers. I recently bought a Raspberry Pi (the kit was $35 plus shipping) that I’m looking forward to using. We’ve (fortunately) kept our old computers, which keep us supplied with parts to repair the ones we’re still using; preference for towers and various flavors of Linux.

My husband is the Linux guru. He started out as a mainframe field technician, and nearly two decades later signing on with a client company, for which he worked as a computer programmer.  That was the point at which we came back into contact (after nearly twenty years), started dating and then married. I started out after college as a computer programmer, switched to operations (programming was too sedentary), and eventually retired from corporate; my last position within the company was as a regional remote payroll coordinator. Which was not nearly so much fun as operating computers on the night shift. Regional bank processing center, a subsidiary company of a major bank corporation.

I left corporate, fifteen years after I started, for a free-lance career as a writer, academic/ESL style editor, and consultant. Home-based. My first personal computer was a Kaypro II; I got my first PC about eight years later. (Yes, I did access BBS’s using a 300-baud modem.)