Nighttime Reassurance (From my archives)

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Nighttime Reassurance

I will not be remembered
no one will know my face
or hear echoes of my voice
my words will not live on

and so, with every gesture
written words of mine, read,
full of fun or joy or love

my legacy will be reflected
in the here and now
gently leading, pushing
guiding those who will

in turn go on to shape
tomorrows that I will not see
nor they, who will themselves
become the ripples in the stream

Copyright © 2018-08-29, by Lizl Bennefeld.

Note to myself: Do not become self-absorbed or overreaching, or lose touch with realities. Track the priorities.

About Liz

Tired person, retired after 30 years of freelance writing/editing/photo artwork, and surrounded by almost endless possibilities.
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