Patchwork Prose and Quilted Poetry

New books to read


Last week my husband ordered Rachel Mankowitz’s Yeshiva Girl: A Novel for me (see Goodreads (link)), which arrived yesterday. I’ve read three or four chapters, so far, and I’m finding it quite interesting and well written. Since it’s a paper edition, it will take longer, because of the eye strain, but it’s next to my chair in the front sitting room, ready to pick up again as I am able.

Naomi Beth Wakan’s The Way of Haiku has been republished by Shanti Arts LLC, and I have ordered a paper copy, which will arrive from Barnes and Noble on Monday. I also have The Way of Tanka and Poetry that Heals, both of which I recommend. In 2017, I enjoyed a four-week workshop given by the author: Introduction to Writing Japanese Poetry.

I pre-ordered L.E. Modesitt, Jr.’s latest book, Endgames, which comes out on the fifth of February.  The Imager Portfolio is a favorite from among his fantasy series.