Patchwork Prose and Quilted Poetry



The Process

I’ve been running a trace route from my ISP to the host of this blog, and some of the times for hops are really long. And I am beginning to rethink what I want to do with these spaces that are not hosted by WordPress dot com. After importing nearly all of my Quiet Spaces/The Written Word posts and pages into Quilted Poetry dot net (which domain is vanishing from WP), I find that I just want to delete the installation and data on the QS/TWW site and start over fresh. I do want to have a couple of blogs that are independent of WP and Google, and I want them to work halfway decently. I do hate to think of how many times (I am so glad that I have not kept count) I have simply deleted everything and started over again after a suitable break.

It is the writing that needs saving. All of the photographs are backed up on my external HDs (with copies in the bank vault). I could go ahead and wipe everything out.

I realize that over the years, I delete and restart very often. My domains at SFFNET, POWWeb, WorldNet and AOL have come and gone without a pain. Their contents are spread across the years of site backups. What I have enjoyed the most is the new beginnings.

As I get older, the process of restarting becomes complicated, because I take longer to dump and restart, and therefore the “how to” has changed more by the time I get to that point.

I realize that such is not the case after sixty-some years of writing essays, stories, poetry and all else, but it’s almost as though I take photographs and write poems and stories (and a lot of nothing) in order to have something to build a blog or web site around. I would not want to admit to how many gadgets and such that I took apart and then could not reassemble.

An artist/writer for the sake of having art to frame? Oh, dear!





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